17 August 2012

7 Quick Takes (Pretty Baby Edition)

— 1 —
Last weekend, the in-laws came in town, and we had lots of fun!  Even though we live only 15 minutes away, we still had not taken baby to the beach.  That situation was fixed, and I think she liked it.  It was windy and overcast, though.

— 2 —
Also, our baby is cutting both of her bottom teeth at once.

See those little white nubs coming out right below her tongue?
This whole week I've been trying to get her to show me her teeth so I can see their progress.  And then I end up getting "Show Me Your Teeth" by Lady Gaga in my head.  (You can listen to it here if you want; language warning.)

— 3 —
I'm really peeved that the "Stuff I've Made" page on my blog hasn't been working for the past week.  I did a normal edit one day, and it just crapped out on me.  I'm hopefully going to get that fixed soon.  But if you want to see a few of the things I've made, check out my "Pinned it, made it" board on Pinterest.

— 4 —
Did anyone else read this ridiculous article about the CO of the USS Pittsburgh submarine who got relieved after only ONE WEEK in command?  An extramarital affair 23-year-old is bad enough but faking your own death to get her off your case?  He sounds like a real piece of work.

— 5 —
I've been reading a book lately that I have come to absolutely hate.  I've read this author before and liked his work, but he went a different direction this time and it's just not working for me.  The problem is that it's such a quick read that I feel like I should just finish out the book to make sure I still hate it.  It's a collection of short stories, so it's not like there's any plot I'm missing if I don't finish it.  I don't think I could give the book a real review, though, if I stop.  I remember an article in my high school newspaper where a girl tried to review a book she never finished and it came off as really ignorant and amateur.  But then, what about the opportunity cost of my time?  Can I do something better with those 30 minutes of my life (perhaps writing a halfway-decent blog post)?  What would you do in this situation?

— 6 —
I won an awesome giveaway over at Nicole's blog, and I'm really loving the hair clip I won!  It's a Flexi Hair Clip from Lilla Rose, and I've worn it almost every day this week.

Isn't it pretty?
— 7 —
My sister is a second grade teacher at a Title One (high poverty) school back in Georgia.  She wanted to get some materials for her class that she couldn't afford on her lowly teacher's salary.  She posted the projects on DonorsChoose.org earlier this summer so that random generous people could help.  Well, she got the best surprise ever on Monday when she found out that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation had funded the rest of BOTH of her projects!!  I'm hoping some other teachers got some fabulous news like that this week.  Check out DonorsChoose to see what projects the teachers in your area need help with!

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  1. 5.) I'd put the book down.

    7.) I heart DonorsChoose.