30 July 2012

On Leaving This Crazy Lifestyle

I've mentioned it before, but my husband is leaving the active duty military very soon. (Terminal leave starts Aug. 17).  I have a guest post up today over at Many Waters, explaining my views on the matter.  Here's a taste of it:
My husband’s job search has been a big adventure, but I, personally, have very little to do with it.  So instead I want to focus on what his military separation means to me.  For one, I can only call myself a Navy submariner’s wife for just a few more months. It all goes away August 31. For the past few years, I’ve let his military service define our relationship and also myself . . . read the rest here

And if you found me from Poe's blog, welcome!  If you're wondering, we still don't know where we're headed next!


  1. Your post was so well written, Cat! And I feel the exact same way you do. Danny gets out in about a year..I'm excited and a tad bit nervous about it. There are so many benefits that I'm so used to (like you guys, Danny was already in the USMC when I met him) and afraid to not have. Good luck with your new adventure!

  2. Great post!! And, to make you feel a little better, the commissary isn't a great deal everywhere. Out here, it's actually MUCH less expensive to do the grocery shopping at Target or other local groceries!

    1. Good to know! Maybe it's because they have to compete with Wal-Mart here, but commissary is definitely the cheapest. The NEX, however, notsomuch.

  3. On being a non-military spouse, but a Navy "brat"-
    I am constantly trying to convince Marcus to join the reserves simply so I can go to the commissary and NEX again...it's not working, haha