20 July 2012

7 Quick Takes (Crazy Week Edition)

— 1 —
Baby Cora finally rolled over!  Well, she's still in the realm of normal for that, but I was tired of seeing posts from friends whose babies are (a lot) younger than mine about it.  She only rolls from tummy to back, still only onto her left side, and it often takes some coaching.  Here's a video of the fourth time she did it:

— 2 —
On Saturday, some friends invited me to hit up the local farmers' market.  I brought baby, all excited to buy some nice produce and maybe some fresh flowers.  About ten minutes after we got there, we got caught in a torrential downpour!  We had previously decided to go to lunch at a certain place within walking distance once we were done with our shopping, so we decided to head over early.  I was trying to push the stroller while holding an umbrella, and it just wasn't working, especially once my umbrella inverted itself in the wind.  The car seat part of the stroller has a canopy, which apparently isn't waterproof at all.  I was soaked, baby was soaked, everything in the diaper bag got soaked, too (even her extra clothes).  I spent Saturday night blow-drying the car seat cover with a hairdryer.  I now keep an extra towel and onesie in my trunk!  The worst part: we never even got to buy anything at the market. I think I'm going to try again tomorrow.

— 3 —
I'm pretty sure it's unrelated to being caught in the rain, but this house got hit by a nasty illness this week!  I started feeling nauseous on Monday afternoon, and it got progressively worse that night.  I'm talking 'multiple-trips-to-the-bathroom' worse.  I also alternated between shivering in our 77 house and then being way too hot.  When baby woke up for her usual 4am feeding, I ended up passing out on the floor of our bedroom before I could get to her!  Well, I was really only out for a half a second because I sorta made a decision that my legs were going out on me, so I should just let them.  I plopped on my bum, head between my knees, all while having to listen to my baby wailing in the other room.  (Worst. Feeling. Ever.)  Luckily, B was home, so I hollered for him and he dealt with baby until I regained my composure.  He left for his monthly trip the next morning, so I am sooooo glad he was here!  I had him call me as soon as he got up the next morning to make sure I was okay.  One of my biggest fears of being a mom was what to do when you got sick!  It's not like you can take a day off.  I guess you just deal with it.  Luckily, this sickness got out of my system pretty quickly, didn't hit baby or B nearly as bad (although each got a taste of it), and I'm back to normal.

— 4 —
On Wednesday morning, I decided to take Cora to go watch the Blue Angels practice on base!  She hears them all the time over our house, so the noise did not even phase her one bit.  I went with a friend who also has a baby around Cora's age, and he was a little more into it, watching the planes and such.  Cora was just happy to be out of the house, I think.  It was sooooo humid though!  Everyone had sweat dripping down them by about 10 minutes into it.  I was so happy to get back into my air-conditioned car when it was over!

— 5 —
I was reading a publication from the college I graduated from (the college within my university), and found out they changed the name of my major!  I actually really like the switch--from Child and Family Development before to Human Development and Family Science now.  I've always hated telling people my major because they only seem to hear the "child" part and expect me to be some sort of Super Nanny/Mary Poppins type.  The truth is that I have no desire to work with school-age children (age 3-12), and I only took one class on the development of that age group.  In school, I was much much more interested in family dynamics and relationship theory.

— 6 —
We "officially" started solids with Cora last night.  She wasn't all that interested, which we expected based on the times we had just tried to hand her stuff off our plates.  There's obviously more of a story here, since I didn't plan on starting these until later (although not too much later, as she'll be 6 months old next week).  I'll be doing a more detailed post on this one, but here's a fun picture to hold you over in the meantime:
Sweet potato, everywhere!
— 7 —
I left my keys hanging out of our front door all night last night.  I hate it when I do stupid stuff like that.

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  1. #5 The name change does sound better. the former name sounded like a mommy major.

    1. Not gonna lie here, it was and still is a sort of "mommy major." There were maybe 5 guys in the program when I was there. And at one point it was just called "Home Economics," so it's progress.

  2. I hear you on the your kid being behind other people's kid thing...everyone keeps asking me if my son is sitting up on his own yet and he's not and seems to have very little interest in doing so. Ah well, we'll keep trying.

  3. The only thing worse than being a sick mom with a baby is being a mom with a sick baby. When I'm sick, at least I know what I want / need. When the kids are since, especially when they're really young, it's hard to figure out exactly what they need!

    Take care of yourself, and I hope you are feeling better!