06 September 2011

a graph and a cake

So here was the final graph, including all my FB votes, some in-person ones, and the 3 from this blog that all said boy. (Was it because I mentioned my dreams?)
 At the ultrasound, we almost couldn't get it.  The tech actually made me get up and do some laps to get the baby to move.  He still needed to get a measurement of the spine, too (otherwise, he probably would've said screw it).  I honestly think baby fell asleep, since I was getting pretty tired myself during the appointment.  Anyway, after walking and then rolling on my side during the ultrasound, Baby W finally cooperated.

AND . . .

Okay, really it's a GIRL, but I can't resist a good Cake Wreck.

In the words of my own mother, "You deserve a girl.  After everything you put me through, you deserve a girl."  Thanks, Mom.


  1. congatulations!
    And cake wrecks is one of my new favorite websites. So funny!

  2. Congrats!!! Yay for little girls and pretty dresses! :)