26 September 2011

pregnancy vs. my 101 list

I've been working on my 101 in 1001 list for over a year now. While my pregnancy is actually helping to cross off a big one (#11), it's also hindering me in a lot of the more "extreme" tasks.

Case in point: I was not able to try waterskiing.  Or parasailing.  Couldn't take a surfing lesson this summer or do new tricks on the boogie board.  And I can't donate blood.

However, I'm going to commit myself to cross three easy ones for a preggo off in the near future (as in, before Baby W makes her arrival).  I figure if I write it here, I'll hold myself more accountable, so here goes.

These 3 goals:

  • 46. Color an entire coloring book - I'm about halfway through the Arthur coloring book I got a year ago, specifically for this task.  I need to just sit down one day and go for it.
  • 41. Crochet or knit a scarf - I sorta learned how to crochet 5 years ago, but never really got the hang of it.  I think YouTube is going to be a big help with this one.  If anyone out there has a recommended YouTuber that teaches this, please tell!
  • 52. Read a graphic novel - there is a section of these at the library.  I just need to pick one!  (Recommendations also welcome.)
Of course, there are some other ones I will hopefully be crossing off in the meantime as well, but I just needed to pinpoint three right now to really get my bum in motion.  Now I'm off to find my crayons . . .


1 comment:

  1. Love this! Maybe if I make a list I will cross off some of my To-do's as well.

    You will have to post pictures of your coloring! ;) And I'm thinking that Baby W could probably use a cute baby cap that you could knit for her.

    But post pregnancy when you do get a chance try parasailing and water skiing! You won't regret either and they are Pensacola Musts!