04 September 2011

boy or girl? time to weigh in!

This Tuesday is our big 20-week ultrasound.  They measure the baby and make sure everything is going okay (we haven't had an ultrasound since the heartbeat confirmation at 10 weeks), but we also get to find out if Baby W is a boy or a girl!

It's really not that big of a deal, since we'd be happy with either, but it will make our life easier to know.  Have you ever tried shopping for baby shower stuff for someone who refuses to know?  It's tough!  I've had two dreams that it's a boy, and I think we have the full name picked out if it goes that way.  If it's a girl, we have some major work to do in the name department, but wardrobe will be set, thanks to my sister's baby girl.

In regards to that, I had a Groupon to one of those 'drinking and painting' studios that expired the day before our ultrasound.  I went last week to an Open Art Night, where you got to pick any one of 100 paintings to do.  I definitely wanted to paint something for Baby W's room, but of course needed it to be gender neutral.  But there were tons of pretty flowers for a girl's room!  (I guess I should point out how I didn't do so hot the last time I tried to paint a flower though.)  In the end, I went with this:

The teacher was great, and definitely helped me draw those fish!
Studio B in Gulf Breeze, thank you!
I have two different status updates going on FB where my friends can weigh in on what they think (or hope) it will be.  The plan is to pop the numbers into Excel and make a nice little pie graph to see (I'm a sucker for charts).

I've looked around online at some of the old wives' tales in regards to sex prediction.  Most either were too dumb for me to even try, or they were inconclusive.  There is a slight chance our baby won't reveal his or her "parts" to us, so that's a possibility as well.

So what do you think?  Boy or girl?  Or too shy to let us know?  I'll add your numbers to the pie chart and let you all know once we find out!


  1. Your fish are adorable! And I'm with NHGirl -- BOY!

  2. first - that painting looks pretty freakin professional! and second - im gonna guess boy! although im secretly wishing for a girl because they are so much more fun to dress! :) cant wait to find out!