02 September 2011

are you ready?

Are you ready for some FOOTBALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL???

I'm kinda weird.  I don't really care at all about the NFL, but I love me some college football!  I guess attending a college with a stadium that packs out all 92,746 seats for every game just might have something to do with that.

My very own Georgia Bulldogs have their first game tomorrow night, and I'm pumped!  They're playing Boise State in the Chick-Fil-A Kickoff Game at the Georgia Dome (in Atlanta).  I will definitely be watching.

We also get to watch B's alma mater, the ever-popular Notre Dame Fighting Irish, play tomorrow afternoon.  The only issue is that they're playing my mom's college, the University of South Florida.  Oh well, may the best team win! 

I'm ready to camp out on the couch all day Saturday and call the Dawgs!  Maybe one of these days I'll get to actually attend a game in person again.

Will you be watching any college football this weekend?


  1. I love college football too, but I don't really care for NFL football either! Stanford will be playing, but sadly I won't be watching because it's not televised here :(

  2. Love me some college football!(Actually maybe even to the point of being a freak?) But Yes, I will be going to Tallahassee this weekend to watch my Noles first home game! SO excited! Good luck to your Dawgs!!