19 May 2011

a car milestone and driving music

While driving back through "L.A." (Lower Alabama) on Monday, my car hit a big milestone!!  I've had her for three and a half years, so I think this is right on track!

I do not condone taking pictures while driving.  And yes, I need to clean!

While this was happening, I was listening to one of my all-time favorite bands and my absolute favorite song of theirs was playing. Obviously, the fates were aligned on this one! So here is the song I heard on that beautiful afternoon:

Every week for my song linkups, I try to use Playlist.com, but apparently my musical tastes are on the slightly obscure side. Youtube to the rescue. If you're not familiar with Relient K, they are indeed a Christian band, but they are not a "worshippy" type of band.  They just sing songs from a Christian perspective, although some of their songs have nothing to do with that at all.  I think they are masters at catchy tunes and witty/smart lyrics.  My college friends and I used to "car dance" to this stuff without one ounce of shame. They've definitely grown up since a lot of my favorites came out, but it's kinda nice because it's growing with me.  (I featured a much more mature song from them back on this post.)  Here's one of my other all-time-faves that falls into the witty/smart/catchy/not-inherently-Christian category.

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  1. WOWzers! Well, last week my sub needed a brand new transmission. Yah..that was pretty awesome, NOT! Do you know how much new built transmissions are? Lots and LOTS of mula!


    Thanks for linking up again this week Cat! Love this song!

  2. Oh my gosh!! I haven't heard Relient K in YEARS!

    Thanks for taking me back to high school. Lol.

  3. I love Relien K!

    Is it sad that our car is half way to where yours is, and we've had her a year in April? Hahahaha. :(

  4. Love Relient K! One of my favorites by them is Sadie Hawkins Dance. My friends & I used to dance & sing to it all the time in China:) Didn't matter where we were....the office, our apartments or in public we broke out in dance & song!

  5. Relient K is amazing! Love them!