02 February 2011

wordless wednesday: views from the top

I had the great blessing a few weeks back to accompany my husband on his once-a-month trip to our nation's capital. Because I went during a non-touristy time, I was able to easily get a ticket to the top of the Washington Monument and take in the splendor that is the District of Columbia.

Got my ticket for "WAMO" and now waiting for 9am in the freezing wind!

Looking west to the reflecting pool, Lincoln Memorial, and other monuments
(If the pic looks blurry, click on it.  I just got a new camera, so if anything, it's Blogger's fault!)

looking north to the Ellipse and the White House (backside of smaller circle)

super-duper close-up of the White House.  my new camera rocks!

shadow from 500 feet up


  1. That is awesome! I have never been to Washington D.C., but Mr wants to plan a trip to take me and show me the sites.

  2. That's pretty neat! I've been to the Washington monument several times, but I haven't ever been to the top. Great pics too! :)