13 November 2010

postcard swap

I recently participated in the Postcard Swap hosted over at Jesstagirl and Her Officer, and I am happy to report that I have received my postcard!

 Maranda from over at My Camo Colored Life sent me an awesome postcard from Missouri!  Ah man, I loved Missouri when I visited through there on a road trip with my mom.  I remember the fun ride up to the top of the St. Louis Arch, and it was great to be reminded of happy memories from six years ago.  And I remember thinking I should get this AWESOME t-shirt:

From Busted Tees
 Well I never got the shirt, but now I have this awesome postcard.  Maybe I'll tape it to a shirt and start something.  Okay okay, maybe not.

Half the fun of this is that I really had no idea where she lives until I got the card, since I sent my postcard to someone else (see Chantal's post for the postcard and the freakin' novel I wrote to her!)

 As for Maranda, she kept it short and sweet (something of which I have entirely no concept).

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  1. I can never keep it short either! I always feel like I have to write more :) Love the Busted T too