09 November 2010

christmas already? it's not even advent!

But I've learned that waiting until Advent to start planning for Christmas is just a bit behind the ball. Especially when I have some coupons to use at the outlets in Foley which expire before Thanksgiving.

Last year, with the craziness we had after the wedding, moving across town, a Nor'easter, B being gone and then back and then gone and then schedules changing (sea duty, I don't miss you one bit!), and me quitting my job and traveling to Georgia amidst all that, we just did not have the chance to send Christmas cards.  But this year, I really want to!  It's the married thing to do, right? 

We'll definitely be doing the customizable kind with pictures, like these from Shutterfly:

Snowman with style. 

How cute is that?  (Too bad I've never actually seen snow on Christmas!)

Christ is King.  Hooray for religious cards!

Another thing I've been meaning to do before the year ends is to make a fun photo calendar.  I always loved looking at the picture calendar hanging in my friend's kitchen.  It told a lot about their relationship and their family.  The calendar we've used this year was cute (it had submarine cartoons, and I bought it to support the Dolphin Scholarship Foundation), but I've already threatened B with a "cute kitten" calendar for next year.  I'm pretty sure he would throw such an atrocity away, so I think a photo calendar would be pretty awesome.  I've actually already started making one using the following template:

Rain or shine.  Simple and elegant.

I also love how you can customize the dates and even put pictures on the date block.  Hopefully we won't forget my mother-in-law's birthday again!

Our only issue now is to get some more darling pictures of the two of us.  I think I need to convince my mother to play photographer when we visit for Thanksgiving : )

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post and I will receive 50 free photo cards for writing it.  The content and opinions are my own.  Bloggers, get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly here.

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