23 June 2010

my summer anthem

The band BarlowGirl is very quickly becoming one of my favorites.  I had heard of them, thanks to a song called "Barlow Girls" by Superchick, but it was thanks to the Virginia Beach Public Library that I got a chance to hear their work.  The band is made up of three sisters and is generally classified as Christian rock (I would say more pop/rock).  But don't let that bother you if you're inclined to think Christian music (or Christianity in general) is crap.  Obviously this song is about God, but beyond that it's about optimism and recognizing warmth in your own life, especially after a period of darkness.

This song is the final track from their newest album Love & War.  And on the CD, it actually continues after this 4 minutes and kicks back in with about a minute of a re-vamped ska version of the melody to finish out the album.  I can just feel myself driving to the beach, windows down, blasting this song, and singing along without a care in the world.  Ladies and gents, I give you "Hello, Sunshine"


  1. Love this song! Thanks for sharing! You might want to move your ad though, it blocks most of your writing... I put mine under each post in the layout section.

  2. Thanks... I thought I only put ads in the sidebar. Still trying to figure this out. Glad you like the song!