07 November 2014

My Life Exhausts Me, But At Least My Daughter Is A Genius (7QT)

Well, I think the title of this post says it all. I have way too much going on right now. I'm now 19 weeks pregnant, I'm still in the learning curve of my new job, my husband is a grad student who doesn't get home until after 6:30 four nights a week (so I have to get dinner cooking as soon as I get home), I'm dealing with a sometimes-ornery toddler, and I'm attempting to stay fit and healthy. Oh, I'm also a student taking classes 3 mornings a week to get my real estate license (required for my job), so I'm reading and studying (read: falling asleep in my textbook) every night. To top it all off, I ended up having a medical issue this Monday (unrelated to pregnancy and rather minor) that left me in a good bit of pain. I'm mostly recovered but still have a big bandage on my back.

At least I voted on Tuesday.

So, yeah, it's exhausting, but I'm enjoying my new job! It's a lot of different stuff every day, and I've gotten the chance to design two ads already. My portfolio is happy, and I'm learning lots of new stuff.

Cora is doing great at daycare. After about a month, they decided to move her up to the 3-year-old class, even though she doesn't turn 3 until late January. I was a bit skeptical, but it seems to be a good fit for her! Not to get too much into mommy wars territory here, but if we had waited until "3 and ready" to potty-train, this couldn't have happened. (She actually started at daycare in the 2.5-and-potty-trained class, instead of the 2.5-and-not class.) Also, it's $20 cheaper a month for us now! Win win.

She can spell her name aloud and count to 25 on a good day. She knows some numbers in Spanish (thanks, daycare!) and a handful of sign language. (Yeah, I'm bragging, but I'm also writing it somewhere so I can remember for later.)

Speaking of my little genius, here is a video of her putting together a 24-piece puzzle with no help last week. (I sped up a good chunk of it.)

Belly picture? You got it.
This was at 18 weeks even.

It snowed on Halloween here, just for the exact time we went trick-or-treating. We bundled up and hit about 7 houses. But I made sure Cora got to the one that gives out full-size candy bars! She enjoyed being Minnie Mouse.

And she is now prepared for winter, thanks to the snowsuit I just got her. (Burlington for the win.) She calls it the "Minnie Mouse coat" for obvious reason.

I'm thinking I might have to cave and buy a maternity coat this time around. Also, we can't put Cora in the car seat in that coat. What a pain in the butt. Can you tell I'm already dreading winter??

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  1. Wow, Lucia struggles with 8 piece puzzles. She can do them but it's tough. I think 24 pieces would kill her. (Or at least the tantrum she would have when she got frustrated would kill me! Perseverance is not her strong suit.) Smart cookie you have there!

    Sounds so busy for you. How long until you get your license? (Since that's the only thing in your schedule that seems like it's going to give.)

    Hope you heal quickly, Cat! I love the baby bump!

    1. I know right?!!? I think some people are just puzzle people. My mom will spend hours/days/months on a 500-1000 piece puzzle I won't last 10 minutes. LOL

  2. I love her snow suit it really does look like minnie mouse! The first few months of a new job are AWFUL with learning everything. I really hate changing jobs for that reason...and really hated temping because of it.

    I bet if you get a lighter maternity coat you could wear it when not pregnant with a sweatshirt or other layering under it afterwards. We used to do that when I was younger...well not buy maternity coats but we'd buy lighter jackets big and wear sweatshirts underneath them.

  3. It sounds (and looks) like Cora is going to excel at math! :) (I've heard that kids that are good at puzzles at a young age will be good at math.)

    I hope that you heal quickly from your injury! And that you are able to finish your classes soon too so you won't have to worry about that. :)

    Congrats on the new ads - that's really cool! :) You'll have to drop a hint to a link once they're published so we can all see them. :)

    Maybe you can find a maternity coat at a thrift shop or second hand store? Or maybe a Mommy-market type sale that is going on in your area? I just used my regular coat (couldn't close it or button it) when I was pregnant, but it sounds like your winters are a lot colder than those in Oklahoma. I think it would be a good investment. :)

    Cora looked super cute for Halloween! She got a super-cute snow suit too! :)