03 December 2014

Not Blogging Here, But Apparently Elsewhere

Time to dust off the ol' blog.

Over a week ago, a guest post I wrote for Poekitten (a blog friend I've actually met IRL!) was published. Her adorably cute 2nd baby girl was born a few weeks back, and she actually likes to keep things active over there so I helped her out with a post sitting in my drafts.

It's about the "Potty Parade" that I did with Cora (way back in August, I think?). Here's a snippet:
"I now have a 2-year-old who is mostly potty-trained (except nights), but it took some work to get there. We were doing great at home, but my daughter HATED public bathrooms! She mostly hated the noisy flush. Automatic, manual, didn't matter. She even cried about going into the bathroom with me when I needed to go. Luckily, she's a holder, so it was never a question of accidents. It was more just getting her comfortable with other toilets.

I knew we had to fix this, so I picked a nice day and we went on a Potty Parade . . ." Read More

Hope you enjoy it and some of Poe's other guest bloggers. Also check out the rest of the Many Waters blog, including the awesome recipes page with the Beef & Noodles recipe that I always use now!

1 comment:

  1. Great post! And really creative way to get Cora to sit on public potties! :)

    My kids (all of them) totally hate the automatic hand dryer as well, so I carry hand sanitizer for those restrooms. My oldest has auditory sensory issues, so I don't push that at all. (And I hate them too, so I'm sympathetic). :)

    I know you're super busy, but I'm glad you're still blogging once a month. I hope your final exam for your class goes well! And I hope that everything with your job and growing baby #2 is going smoothly as well. :)

    I hope you have a wonderful (and relaxing, haha) Christmas! :D