06 January 2014

Real Motherhood: Not a Pro

I'm not good at mom stuff.

When I was first getting into the swing of being a mom, I heard a lot of comments that exclaimed, "Don't worry, you'll be a pro in no time!"

Well, lovely sentiment. But the truth is, almost two years into this motherhood thing, I'm not a pro.

Here are 5 reasons:

1. I can't change a baby facing the 'wrong' direction. Her head has to be on my left.
And I've TRIED putting these blasted cloth ones on her standing up,
and that doesn't work for me at all.
(Yes, even the velcro ones.)

2. I still have trouble buckling her into the carseat from the left side. I'm a bit better with her convertible carseat but her infant one? I just could not do it.

3. I never was able to nurse a baby and do the dishes or cook dinner. It sounds unsafe anyway. Maybe I'll get a sling for the next bambino and figure it out. But eh, that sounds like a pain.
For 16 months, I sat down and used this freakin' pillow to nurse my kid!
4. I still don't have eyes in the back of my head. (Maybe those will develop in the next few years?)

5. I have not sprouted 4 more arms. I drop things. Constantly. Still clumsy ol' me.

Also, more currently, I cannot figure out how to get my child to nap every day, can't figure out what to feed her (she got even more picky in the past month, and the only vegetable she has eaten has been spinach in a smoothie), and can't get her to sit on the potty very much any more--only when poop is actively coming out of her butt. Why has everything gotten harder??!

However, 2 things I am a pro at? Being able to get this baby carrier on my back with no help:
It ain't pretty, but I can do it

And pulling my hair out on a regular basis. Because toddlers, that's why.


  1. Haha yes, toddlers. I saw Michelle Duggar once on one of her shows, where she was at a conference with a newborn, and was just walking around with a breast friend strapped to her, all covered up and nursing the baby and talking to everyone like it was no big deal. I was impressed, because that is definitely not in my skill set, either!

  2. I think you have the same carrier as me! I really struggle getting it on my back, but I can. How much younger is Cora than Lucia? I think we hit the same napping/eating barriers around the same time. We got back in the swing of napping (until going away for the holiday and haven't gotten back into it) but food is kind of up and down. For weeks upon weeks, she maybe at five (baby) spoonfuls of food ALL DAY! I really don't feel like a pro either...and probably won't until we have about three(???) more kids, if ever. I need WAY more practice!

  3. Is she still taking 2 naps or just 1? Just before J was born, S (right around 20 months) started having issues and I just had to give in to one good solid nap per day rather than two crappy non-naps. I've found that eyes (in the front or back) are really not nearly as helpful as good ears...I can't decide who's more curious: a 2.5 year old making daily discoveries and developing his independence...or an almost 10-month old who is thisclose to walking and in therefore learning that there is some REALLY cool stuff up on the coffee table! We went through a phase of pickiness too.... Sometimes just changing up the meal worked (I had a tendency to serve the same chicken nuggets/fish sticks/hot dog until the jumbo bag of frozen whatever ran out)....other times adding ketchup saved the meal...sometimes taking a bite myself and showing how yummy it is-or using reverse psych!....and finally I just stopped with the typical toddler foods, sat S up at the table with us while we eat, and offered him bites of whatever I was eating. My philosophy was that between frozen waffles/cheerios and fruit for breakfast and PB&J, fruit, pretzels/goldfish for lunch he wouldn't starve if he missed dinner. BUT, I also always keep a stash of stuff to make quesadillas, grilled cheese, hot dog, spaghetti, mac & cheese, etc just in case!! I also learned how to pack in the calories to kid-friendly foods (when I make tacos, I add onion and black beans to the meat mixture....for little man, I'll stir in avocado and shredded cheese, along with a tiny bit of sour cream...).

  4. Hi! I just found you through the link up. 1) I am exactly the same way. I can't even do it from the front. 4) I think they come with the second kid. I legit heard someone's guardian angel warning me that my two year old was picking up my newborn that I thought I had left in a safe place while brushing my teeth. I was wrong, but oh so glad to be there to catch.

    At two and half, we are finally clawing our way away from pickyness. I started feeing mine lunch around 11:30, then he gets NOTHING until dinner. The first few days he would say he was hungry all the time (some times enough to cry and then I really feel like the worst mom ever), but I'd remind him that he should have eaten more for lunch and he will get dinner (at 5 or so) when it is ready. Green things have been going in! It's so exciting.

  5. I'm not sure being able to do those things would make you a pro. From what I've read on your blog, it sounds like you're doing a pretty outstanding job as a Mom. You read to her (I remember that post about Cora loving her books), she's growing, she's active, you fix her smoothies (and sneak veggies into them), you breastfed her for 16 months and instead of multi-tasking while breastfeeding, you sat down and bonded with her - that's pretty awesome. (I think the multi-tasking breast-feeding comes when you have two or more kids and it's borne out of necessity . .. ), you baby-wear her and so many more things that you probably do that you don't even write about (like kissing boo-boos, or singing to her or taking her to the playground, etc etc). I know that I only know you from what I read on your blog, but I'm willing to bet that if I knew you in person, I would think you are even more awesome that I do now. Keep doing what you're doing, because you're doing a great job! :D

    1. Aww, that made me all weepy-eyed. Thank you.