22 January 2014

5 Favorites

Ninja Blender
Specifically, the Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500 that I had on my Christmas list. I make smoothies all the time now, especially because you can do it in a single-serve cup. The big part of the blender is super awesome and powerful, too. And I can't even vouch for the food processor attachment or dough hook it came with since I haven't even used them, but as far as just a blender goes, it's my favorite! I unloaded my old not-so-great blender on B's brother, who is very hand-me-down-friendly.

Electric blanket
I burned up some Kohl's cash on its expiration date and got this. I think I've used it every day since (and that was over a month ago)! So warm and toasty. And high-tech. Well, for a blanket anyway.

Back when we lived in the apartment on the other side of town, we were right across the street from one of these stores. I love it. I still go to it if I'm near one (there's one near the mall). They have added a lot of organic options, too. But I love the consistently low prices. I can't do all of my grocery shopping there, but I know the basics I can stock up on. Oh, and hormone-free milk and 44¢/lb. bananas? Yessireee, indeed.

If you've never shopped at Aldi before, but want to try, you should probably read this guide (and don't forget your quarter!):

My kid learning to talk

She's turning 2 this weekend and having that lovely language explosion. Everything she says is simply adorable. Well, until she says it 1000 times. But even then, still kinda cute. And she calls anything she doesn't know the name of a "twackle." Yeah, even after we tell her the correct word. It makes us laugh. The way she says "thank you" is freakin' adorable (something like "dat doo").

A Night On the Town
Gourmet grilled cheese, hard cider on tap, and a community theater production of Driving Miss Daisy. Then we hit up Kroger, where I got 3 free items and walked out without even opening my wallet. I guess you could have called it a girls' night. I went with B's cousin who is back living with her folks here after finishing up grad school in December. All that said, I think I need to get out more!
I didn't take any pics of my Friday night out,
so here is the previous time we went out downtown.
With my parents when they were in town last July.
(We had tried to go to the gourmet grilled cheese and cider restaurant,
but they wouldn't let Cora in. Hot dogs instead!)


  1. Electric blankets are AWESOME!

  2. I love it when kids learn to talk - so adorable! Enjoy and write down all the stuff they say. Wait 'til Cora gets to "hekkadoktor" for helicopter :)