12 January 2014

Cleaning Out My Post Drafts

I just checked and had 29 posts stuck in draft mode. Some of them just got deleted, some are one sentence long, some of them a bit more. I don't feel like finishing some of them, so I'm just going to dump them here in one wacky post!

Cora's Family Book (April 2012)
(this post had no text, but I was going to rave all about the book I made for Cora when she was like 4 months old--it has all her family members in it)

Here's a picture of it instead:
I saw a DIY tutorial on Pinterest, but using Shutterfly was 1000x easier

What I've Learned (January 2013)
Here are a few things I've learned in my first year of parenting:
  • If it smells like poop, check. It probably is.
  • If you're going to do cry-it-out/controlled crying/whatever you want to call it, have a plan for yourself. Find something to do, take a shower, etc. Use headphones.
  • Having a plan is also key in the early days for marathon nursing sessions. I kinda miss all that extra reading time.
  • Use an old remote control/phone without batteries that can be given to the baby.
  • Write all your baby shower thank-you notes before your baby is born. Hell, even write them during labor. If you get gifts after the baby is born that require notes, make someone else write them and then just sign them.
  • Find mommy friends that have more in common with you than just the ages of your children. Your life will be vastly improved by not talking about bowel movements for more than 5 minutes a visit. Okay, 10 minutes.

Blog Hacks/ Pro Tips (April 2012)
Here are 3 of my favorites that could making the blogging world just a bit better.

1. Copypastecharacter.com This site is AWESOME(Yes, the large, bold, fon tis necessary.) Thanks to this site, you can easily write that you spent 98¢ on the Benadryl® to cure your 102° fever that you contracted during El NiƱo.  ←See what I just did there?  All it took was some copying and pasting. ☺ And interrobangs‽‽

2. Embed (or just link to) Youtube video at a certain point:  There are a few ways to do this.  One way, to just get the link is to pause the video where you want it, then right click and pick the second option down that says "Copy video URL at current time".  For embedding, if you get the embed code, go to the "src=http://link" part of the code.  At the end of the video link, add #t= and then the minutes and seconds.  Hooray for hashtags!

3. Put a link in a comment. Use html img src code in a comment. (Eh, figure it out yourself.)

Let's Hear the Good Things (September 2013)
You wanna know something dumb?
I used to be scared.
A lot of women are scared to birth or scared to have a baby.
But that's not what I was scared of.
No, once I had a baby, I was scared to have a toddler.

(I'm not really sure where I was going with that post, but I think it has something to do with complaining about kids all day but then adding, "It's soooo worth it!" afterward. People without kids don't understand that, trust me.)

So there ya go, 4 posts in one. Feel free to use any as a jumping- point for conversation or your own blog post.

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  1. Love the family photo book - I've been wanting to do one since before Butterfly was born, but still haven't gotten around to it. There's 5 years of procrastination for you! I should put that on my "deployment project" list . . . :)