09 May 2013

Momma, Mops, Mopster, Mom

I've had a handful of names for my own mom that has changed over the years. I generally call her "Mops" now. And as I have settled into motherhood myself, my child doesn't exactly say my name a lot (yet). She went through a 3-month-long hiatus of not even babbling "mamamama" and instead resorting to "dada" for almost any word she recognized. But yesterday, "mamama" came back. Just in time.

B will be gone for his Reserve commitment this weekend, so there won't be any sleeping in or breakfast in bed or flowers waiting for me. But that's okay. I bought myself a chocolate orange that was on sale at the Dollar Tree and plan to indulge. Cora will get to see her grandmother and great grandmother and entertain them with her antics.

This post is actually way too calm and sweet for the type of mom I actually am.

We are goofballs. We like to sing loudly, do flips, and make funny faces.

I wonder where that came from?

I think I know.

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  1. So, so cute. Your daughter is lucky to have you and I can see where you get your great personality from. Happy Mothers Day!

  2. Love.
    Did you and your mom do a bunny hop run together? So much fun.

  3. The last picture is great! So fun!

  4. Love how fun your house looks! That's awesome!

  5. What fun!! Everyone needs a mom who isn't too calm or too sweet. Thanks for the smile! :-) Happy Mother's Day!