01 May 2013

5 Favorites (May Day Edition)

What are you favorites?

1. Project Runway

I love this show. I have only watched about 3 seasons of it, but I loved this season's winner and her collection. (The finale was last week, so I'm not going full spoiler here.) To make up for lost time, I found the previous seasons at the library and have made my way through Season 1. I'll start Season 2 soon. Make it work!

2. My Vera Bradley Lisa B purse in Carnaby

I got this at the outlet sale, and I was looking for a downsize from a diaper bag, but something that could fit a lot in it. This easily fits a pack of wipes, a diaper or two, my wallet, some toys, a board book, and other stuff. I feel like it is the perfect size! It doesn't swallow me whole, and I think it's pretty stylish. (Vera Bradley is well-loved in this town, since the company is based here.) I also love the print and the lining print! It makes me happy.

Oh, and it zips so I don't have crap falling out of it all the time.
I wore it in my WIWS post. What do you think?

3. Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!

B got me into listening to NPR about a year ago, which has been (mostly) a good thing. But I love a good quiz and some humor, so this show caught my attention. It keeps me both informed and laughing. I usually stream it later in the week while making lunch. Go take a listen, and maybe you'll get hooked.

4. Crayola Color Wonder

My mom got little Cora the set of markers and a blank book of the Color Wonder paper at Easter. These are so great for babies learning how to hold pens and scribble! It really is mess-free. Cora was happily scribbling away yesterday, making "art." (I'm okay with kids making messes, but sometimes I'd rather not take 10 minutes to clean up a mess from an activity she was only interested in for 5 minutes. Maybe it's just me, though.)

5. Because I Said So! by Ken Jennings

I just finished this book by Jeopardy! champ Ken Jennings the other day. I'll let the subtitle explain what it's all about: The Truth Behind the Myths, Tales, and Warnings Every Generation Passes Down to Its Kids. This is a fun and quick read. Any of you trivia junkies out there will probably like it.


  1. That purse is cute!! I'd also love to check out the book by Ken Jennings-I forgot all about him. Also random, but I saw your picture and thought you and your family looked so familiar! Did you used to belong to St. Paul's in Pensacola?

  2. That purse is very cute, and sounds just the right size - plus I love that it has a longer strap! That + zipper = winner!

    I love trivia! I'll have to check out both the show and the book... thanks for the recommendations!

  3. I love Color Wonder! Something I can actually *trust* the kids with, since I know they can't possibly color all over the walls or themselves!