07 April 2013

What I Wore Sunday (Vol. 15)

Happy Divine Mercy Sunday!

I have heard more than one person (including my husband) say that Easter is over. To that I say:
50 days, baby!
As for my mass attire, I didn't plan on wearing jeans to church. We didn't even think we'd be going to church last night, but it worked out so we did. So this should really be titled "What I Wore to Look At Cars After B Got Off Of Work."

Sweater: Croft & Barrow hand-me-down from MIL // Skinnies (in short length for my little stumps!): Old Navy // Shoes: Old Navy clearance rack score // Necklace: some cheapo store (Body Central) in the Pensacola mall // Trench coat: XOXO brand from TJMaxx(?) a few years back

I'm so glad we can actually go outside with more than our face exposed now. Although B did ask where the other half of my shoe was. Boys.
Hooray for link-ups!
And today you get a bonus. Since I was too busy celebrating my BIL's baptism and full communion with the Catholic Church and whatnot to post last week, here is what I wore to Easter Vigil, via selfies in the rain while Dad held the umbrella:
Same coat as above, a purse that didn't match but I didn't care, and a dress that I wore to a friend's potluck farm wedding 4 years ago.
Good ol' Dad in the background again.
This was my FB profile pic for a solid block of time.
Oh, and you know how I said we were looking at cars? Well, neither of us brought the checkbook (accidentally-on-purpose?), but B will be coming home with a new (to him) car tomorrow. We're paying in full. We're crazy blessed, I know. (But we're also both frugal cheapskates who are proficient at setting sensible goals and sticking with them.)


  1. Love that hula hooping pic. I'm jealous of your skillz. And the colors you wore to Mass last night look great on you. Congrats on buying a new-to-you car with cash!! We've done that for the past few cars and have NEVER regretted it. Even if it means an older car with more repairs, I'd rather occasionally pay the mechanic than pay the bank every month!

  2. The coat totally dresses up the jeans - can't even tell they're denim without looking closely! Congrats on the car :)

  3. I lovelovelove the hula hoop!