04 April 2013

Traveling With Baby: Not a Tutorial

Cora and I are back from our Adventures Down South!

Cora survived her first and second plane rides. She did fantastic and even slept through one of the landings.

I'm not ready to regale you with tales and recaps today, so I'll just leave you with two lists.

Things I Have Gotten Through Airport Security
Empty water bottles (disposable, stainless steel, whatever)
Sub sandwiches from various non-airport delis
A 4oz. container of applesauce
A sippy cup with water in it
A peanut butter and jelly sandwich
Nail clippers and a manicure set
Disposable razor
A wind-up stuffed giraffe
A stroller that the TSA person had to fold for me because I was clutching a child
An infant

Things I Have Failed To Get Through Airport Security
Some type of wrench tool that was more than 7 inches long (yes, they measure it)

I have my husband to thank for the failure. He bought it for his dad as a Christmas gift a few years back, and for whatever reason it ended up in my backpack (we weren't checking bags). Yeah, I ended up leaving (being escorted out of??) the security area and going to the post office (most airports have one in them!) and mailing it to where we were going.

I've also been frisked (once) and had to dump water into a trash can. But not from a sippy cup.

If this post intrigued you, here is the TSA List of Prohibited Items.


  1. Everytime I have to get on an airplane with my daughter in tow... I dread it. I will say I haven't had your luck with the water issue. I have been able to bring by kind of liquid in any kind of container as long as my daughter was with me. Try just test it with some kind of strip... Ah I send you my sympathy though! Hope your trip was fun :)

    1. I only got the liquids through with the kid. I was fully expecting them to test it, but they didn't at either airport.

      Aw, I'm sorry you dread it! I just think of it as an adventure. And if my daughter screams, so be it. Everyone was a baby once, so they can just get over it.

  2. That's an impressive list of things to get through!

  3. I think I have a target on my face begging the TSA to stop me... I get searched every single time. Once, because I forgot to take my shoes off since we were so busy watching an old lady through a fit over a regular metal detector thinking it was one of the new scanners.