22 April 2013

Menu Planning Monday (Vol. 3)

I'm back!  I've been doing a terrible job of planning lately, but at least we keep our place well-stocked. Again, I'm doing what we ate last week, but you can pretend it's what's on the menu for us this week if you want. This week has not been planned (other than for tonight!), so I'm definitely going to be blog-hopping to get some inspiration. Big grocery trip is planned for tomorrow!

She's helping me write my grocery list! Start 'em young, right?
Monday: Meatball subs. I use the frozen meatballs and just cooked them over the stove in some marinara sauce. We put that on mini sub rolls with some mozarella and topped it off with a few leaves of spinach and a little more sauce. I think I served a salad on the side, but I seriously cannot remember. (This was a gym night, which means I had 20 minutes to fix dinner.)

Tuesday: Chicken Stuffing Bake. This recipe is from the back of the stuffing box, and it is awesome. I'm always unsure of what kind of side to serve with a casserole that contains bread, veggies, and meat, so I chopped up an apple.
It looks better in the casserole dish, but I totally forgot a picture because I was hungry.
Wednesday: (Another gym night.) Leftover stuffing bake. Ran out of apples, so we made smoothies instead. Our daughter is going through some sort of vegetable aversion phase and would only touch the stuffing, so we coated them in the smoothie and she ate them up.

Thursday: Steak Stir Fry with Peanut Sauce, served over spaghetti noodles. (The recipe is either from Betty Crocker or Better Homes & Gardens. Why are both of these books red?!)

Friday: I told B a bit late that he was in charge that night, so he decided we should go to Buffalo Wild Wings. It's really close to where we live, so we walked. However, it was under 40° so I complained most of the way. (See some more of my whining about cold weather in this post.) We found out through that meal that our child loves spinach and artichoke dip. (For now, anyway.)

Saturday: Turkey Burgers and mixed vegetables and tater tots on the side. I used this recipe for the burgers (with a few tweaks), and they came out decent. I really love eating burgers with some hard cider to wash it down. My current fave is this:
Yum yum!
Sunday: Leftover turkey burgers, mashed potatoes from a bag (I have no shame, and the tater tots got finished off the day before), and more mixed veg. We only had one hamburger bun left, but B was a good sport and ate his on a sub roll. I had another Woodchuck.

Oh, and I can't forget dessert! I tried something new this week, and it was fabulous. I made this Primal Fudge, and I highly recommend it! I'm used to using lots of white sugar in my desserts, and I still can't believe that these babies don't contain any.

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  1. It is great cooking all this healthier food. Chicken Stuffing Bake and Turkey Burgers. It is good to start children on all these food early in life.