19 April 2012

something new

Notice anything different??  Not only do I have a new blog design, but my blog also has a new name!  I was kinda tired of using a moniker I stole from a TV network anyway.  The new name makes me smile a lot.  I was looking for some way to incorporate windmills because of my name, but I wanted to make it fun and kinda whimsical.  I was watching a video of myself doing cartwheels taken way back in 2010, and it just hit me.  I was also 40 weeks pregnant as I watched it and amazed I used to be that skinny.  After watching that, I decided that even though I was preggers, I could still do it!  I fell on the first attempt, but tried again and did it successfully!  We were going to get it on video the next day, but I went into labor at 4am instead.

As for my blog design, I won it in an awesome giveaway!  Brea at Utterly Chaotic made it all fabulous.  I had been admiring her work on other blogs for months now, so I was so excited when I won.  She was very patient with me as we put my design on hold during my adjustment to motherhood, but once we got it rolling it went so fast!  She's so quick to respond and didn't get annoyed by my requests to change little minor things that nobody but me will probably notice.  For those of you in the market for a new design, she also offers a military discount :)

And if you're new around here, welcome!  Check out the "About" page for some info about me.  I'll be blogging not only about our super-cute baby girl and my journey through new-motherhood, but also our transition out of Navy life this year (we're treating his job hunt like a PCS, so who knows where we'll end up!).  And I'll be sure to throw in a few other things, like our travels and knocking out more goals on my 101 list.

To kick off my new blog, come back Monday for a giveaway!