05 April 2012

playing picta-phone online!

I found something new online last week, and I just have to share this with y'all!

On my blog stats, one of the most-used search terms to find my blog is "pictaphone" game.  See, I wrote a post about a new game I learned at a party and posted a how-to guide.  The friends at the party just called it "the best game ever" but I called it "picta-phone" and apparently others do as well (or "drawing telephone" as a book I read dubbed it).  Check out my old post if you don't know what I'm talking about.

Well, now you can play it online!  With strangers!!  The site just launched last week, so they're still working out some bugs, but head on over to http://drawception.com/ and join in the fun!  You can just log in with your Twitter or FB account and start playing right away!

Here's a game I started and where it ended up:
Hilarious, amirite??

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