30 November 2011

wordless wednesday: maternity pics

While we were visiting my mom's hometown last week, I somehow convinced a cousin to take maternity pictures for us by the lake! Here are some faves.  I was 31 weeks along--the pictures were taken on Thanksgiving morning.

The due date in Rummikub tiles!

That last one needs some explanation, I know.  No, we're not naming our baby girl George, but my Aunt Georganne would love us to!  Since we're keeping the names* a secret, we took a few with the actual names, and then took this one to pacify everyone and so I could show you the cool picture now!  My aunt referred to her as "Baby George" the entire week, so it made sense.

*We actually have 2 different names picked out and are letter her "tell" us her name at birth! (And my cousin/photographer is sworn to secrecy.)

I would like to thank Pinterest for helping me get all of these pose ideas easily accessible in one place!


  1. Really like the name idea - I wish we had done something like that, but we didn't find out the sex - in hindsight, we should have just done one picture with the girl's name and one with the boy's (duh!). My family's favorite game to play together is Rummikub, so I LOVE those pictures as well!

  2. I love them! As I was scrolling down, I thought some of those ideas were from pinterest! Can't wait until your little one gets here, as you know she is helping me count down too! ;)