21 March 2015

I Can't Have a Baby Right Now -- My Schedule is Already Full (7QT)

I wrote most of this last night, but B forced me to go to bed before I could hit "publish." He's a good man, but he'll never understand blogging.

It's all there in the title. While most women are trying everything under the sun to naturally induce labor by this point, I'm actually avoiding some of that stuff. No castor oil for me (never never, yuck).

First of all, I'm sick. Cora got some type of plague this past weekend and missed daycare in favor of sleeping all day on Monday and Tuesday, and then it hit me bad enough that I skipped out on Tuesday Zumba class. I'm still congested and should probably be sleeping instead of blogging right now.

I was lying on one couch, her on another. We sure know how to party.

Of course everyone at the daycare thought Cora's absence meant baby sister had come, especially since when B dropped her off on Wednesday morning, she kept telling everyone she has a sister. A sister named Daisy. Girlfriend is convinced her sister's name will be Daisy Duck.

We took Cora to an Easter egg hunt at her daycare this morning. They did a great job and even read The Story of Easter before the kids got to go on the hunt. For tomorrow, I won a photo session from B's very talented cousin, so I guess we'll be doing some [very] last-minute maternity and family photos (what to wear?).

If the baby comes in the next week, it messes up my maternity leave a bit, making me have to go back to work while B does his Reserve commitment in Italy the last 2 weeks of May. I'd have to find a sitter just for that short term since he'll be staying at home for half the summer (as far as we know right now).

This is the dumbest thing ever, but ever since I knew my due date was April 3, I never even considered having a March baby. April Fool's day baby? Yes. (This has been a very popular date in both my work and family baby pools, too.)

Aside from babies, who is playing the March Madness brackets? We have a tourney going at work that I'm pretty sure I won't win, but it's the first time I ever put money down on sports. I also filled out a women's bracket because I technically know more about that than the men's stuff. Notre Dame women all the way!
Georgia Lady Dogs didn't qualify for the tourney for the first time in YEARS, then our coach retired, but at least I have an awesome co-worker who made this dress for baby!!

My sister gave me a TON of hand-me-downs for baby. Reason #197,489 she can't come yet is this mess:
The 'pre-sort' pic is over on Instagram. It is scary.
My sister had twins a year ago, and between this and the clothes that multiplied, I'm a bit overwhelmed. Blessed, but overwhelmed.

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  1. Funny. I'm not even to the safe to have baby stage yet and I'm wishing her into my arms and I have 0 clothes for her in newborn size at my residence. Lol. I just don't want to share my internal organs anymore.

  2. Wow - good for you for sorting and blogging whilst congested and pregnant. You are a rock star. Oh, and Diay Duck - hilarious!!