21 September 2012

7 Quick Takes (Empire State of the South Edition)

— 1 —
We're in Georgia this weekend!  We really have no reason to keep hanging around in Florida, and to be honest, I was getting kind of homesick and bored.  I also wanted to meet my friend's little girl that was born in June, so here we are!  It's just for the weekend, but I'm also attending my 10-year high school reunion.  It's being held at the tavern in the town square.  No, I'm not from Stars Hollow, I promise.  But we do have a pretty nice gazebo . . .

— 2 —
My sister will probably be annoyed to hear this, but I have an awesome Mary Kay consultant.  My sister used to sell Mary Kay back when I completely refused to wear make-up.  So my friend Jiza became my MK consultant during my time in Virginia, which coincided with me deciding to become a bit more "put together" (shall we say).  She's another Navy nuke wife, and she does free shipping and handling, so it's been easy to keep buying from her even though we are now many states apart.  She has amazing customer service, too.  My order actually got kinda screwed up (not in a big way or anything), and she threw in all these other fun goodies for me, including a full-sized lip gloss!  You should check out her Mary Kay shop, since she is currently doing an inventory 50% off right now before she moves to Japan!  Oh, she also has a cute little blog.

— 3 —
Speaking of fun products and good people, have you entered my Lilla Rose giveaway yet?  It closes tomorrow at midnight, so you might wanna get on that now.

— 4 —
We have achieved full swaddle wean!  Yes, we are the crazies who had a baby still swaddled at 7 months old.  (She was in the larger-sized velcro SwaddleMe.)  Last week she hit a turning point.  I think it definitely happened because she could roll both ways now.  Even though she had always been a big hater of tummy time, she now rolls over and sleeps on her stomach.  She finally gets to wear footie pajamas now, too!  In the swaddle we just used a onesie so she wouldn't get too hot.

We had to add the bumpers in due to a variety of factors that were waking her up.
She can roll, so I'm not too worried.
 — 5 —
I went to a big seasonal consignment sale last week and got some amazing deals!  This is the same one I went to last year, so I knew it would be successful.  Here's the haul I got for just under $100.  The dress on the right still had the tags on it and will be baby's Christmas dress!  I also got her a Halloween costume :)
I got that ride-on toy in the back right for FIVE dollars!  She already loves just sitting on it.
— 6 —
As for being back in Georgia, I got to see my niece again last night.  She'll be 2 in December (sorry, I stop counting months around 18).  Her hair has been growing, and this child has a pretty crazy mullet now!  My sister tried putting her hair in a ponytail, and it was adorable for a minute . . . until my niece yanked it out.  Oh well, long live the mullet.

 — 7 —
This made me laugh:

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