18 February 2012

satiating my sweet tooth

When my mom was here the week after Cora was born, she decided to make some chocolate chip cookies for us. She had also brought a bag of Oreos that she had bought on a whim a few days earlier and had in her car. I had seen something on Pinterest a few weeks earlier that had piqued my interest, and I knew this was my time to try it!

Yes, a chocolate chip cookie with an Oreo stuffed inside!

The Pinterest version:
Source: The Picky Palate
I've had too many duds with Pinterest recipes, so I make sure to read through lots of comments before attempting stuff now.  A lot of people had an issue with all the cookie dough sliding off the top, resulting in a cookie pancake with an Oreo on top.  One person suggested just pushing it in a muffin tin to lock the sides in, so I went with it!  I also only wanted to make about 6 of them, so this worked well to limit it.

My version:
They look like muffins, but they're all cookie!  (And they are HUGE.)
Gooey and yummy!  Make sure you have a glass a milk handy.
If I made these again, I would definitely use the Double Stuf Oreos.  However, eating just one of these was the equivalent to eating 3 or 4 cookies at once.  As much as I loved them, they totally gave me a stomachache!


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