21 February 2012

mardi gras

Happy Fat Tuesday, everyone! We took baby Cora to her first Mardi Gras parade on Saturday. It was just the family-friendly one here in Pensacola, but it was pretty fun!

Cora hung out in Daddy's arms for almost the whole parade
I had my hands up trying to catch beads and moon pies (my fave!).  Only got smacked in the head once (by beads, not moon pies).

Cora even got some of her own beads!
It was rainy and gross out and my ongoing physical recovery from the birth made it hard to stand up for so long, so we left about an hour into it.  Well, that, and the fact that Cora was screaming her head off.  I'm glad we got to go, though, since I don't know if we'll be living anywhere that does the Mardi Gras thing come next year.  The Gulf Coast doesn't have a ton of reasons to celebrate (hurricanes, oil spills, poverty, etc.), so I'm glad that Mardi Gras is such a big part of the culture down here.

I also had a nurse in the hospital use the term "Mardi Gras season" when referring to when we get cold weather around here.  It caught me a bit off-guard at first, but she's totally right!


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