24 January 2012

still here, still pregnant

Well, in case you were wondering (like everybody else) . . . nope.  No baby yet.  Due date was yesterday.

We're starting to try a few old wives' tales to induce, but only the fun ones.  Walks are fun, eating eggplant parmesan is fun, and a few other techniques may or may not be fun (you know the one).  I decided against making labor cookies because just reading the recipe made me wanna throw up.

I have a few predictions here.  First of all, I came a week or so late and was born on the 1st of the month.  Maybe Baby W just wants to be like her momma?  I also have a guess of the 29th, due to some family history of babies (my own mother, in particular) born on the 29th.

My other prediction is that she's waiting for me to finish reading Gone With the Wind.  I checked this book out from the library around Thanksgiving and obviously intended to finish it before giving birth.  Well, I'm just over 800 pages into the thousand-page tome.  I've already maxed out the renewals and had to check it in and check it back out again.  I even tried skipping ahead and just reading the last sentence, but she wasn't fooled.

We're trying to figure out when to schedule an induction, and my doctor will let me go all the way to 42 weeks (Feb. 6) if I want.  I'm trying to figure out if that is what I want.  I mostly want to avoid a c-section, and that would probably be my best bet against it (and completely out of my control if it does take that turn).  B got out of his monthly travel for this week since it was close to my due date, but he couldn't get out of the entire week he has to be gone from Feb. 13-17.  I've been trying to figure out if I'm going to get stuck with a one-week-old baby alone or not--it's a delicate balancing act between my mom's visit and when my mother-in-law will come.  I'm so confused.  If baby just came this week, it wouldn't be an issue!!  Sigh.  I know I shouldn't complain a lick since I know a lot of people whose husbands were deployed when they gave birth.  But we waited until shore tour to avoid that!  Oh well, this is the only Navy baby we'll be having, so whatever.

I'm not that tired of being pregnant yet, except for the development of PUPP (basically a really itchy rash on the belly!).  My doctor gave me some cream for it today, thank God.  The other thing I'm tired of is everyone "checking in" or asking if I've had the baby yet.  You will know when she comes, I promise!  For you out in blog-land (who have been very good to me and not pests at all), here is how you will know: look at my sidebar.  See the Twitter feed?  You can even click on it to get to my actual Twitter account if you want, but it gives the last two tweets there in the widget.  If it doesn't say "Baby W is here!" or something like that as the top message, then she isn't here and I'm still sitting on my bum waiting.  No, I don't have a smartphone and the hospital doesn't have wifi, so I won't be uploading pics from the hospital, but I found that I can text in a Twitter status.  I can even hashtag it in such a way that it will be my FB status.  So there ya go.  Everybody, just chill out already!!

(Okay, I just looked and in the 2 minutes that I wrote those previous sentences, one of my bigger nuisances just left another message on my FB wall asking if baby was here yet. *headdesk*)



  1. I'm sure your facebook friends are just anxious to meet your little one!... but I know how ANNOYING it gets to be asked over and over.

    I was induced with my first guy who was a week late (Hubby only had a finite amount of time away from the boat before an Eastpac, and I really wanted him there). I ended up with an emergency c-section... I can understand why you wouldn't want one! If I could do it again, I would put off induction as long as possible.

    Didn't have PUPP, but I did have prurigo gestationis. Pregnancy rashes suck- glad your doc could give you some cream for it!

    Btw, is the baby here yet????????? ;)

  2. I don't envy the constant checking in. Thankfully I didn't have that issue, and S was two days early, so it was pretty close. Have you had your membranes stripped yet? It *can* hurt, but I seriously didn't think it was that bad, just uncomfortable, and leaky after. But it has the same effect as that *other* method in that it releases hormones that can induce labor. There are also certain massage techniques you can try (pressure points in your feet). Spicy food works too. My doctor would only let me go to 41 weeks, and we agreed that I was going to get induced the day after my due date if something didn't happen first. I was the same as you...I really didn't want to be induced OR have a c-section and I am so glad it worked out the way it did. I hate to be the one to say "Baby will come when SHE is ready; don't rush her based on your schedule or preference" because I KNOW how this feels. I remember that. It is the reason I told my doctor to keep her midwife (who kept encouraging an EARLY induction) away from me!! Hang in there....and holler if you need anything!