02 March 2012

milspouse friday fill-in

I haven't done one of these in a while, and since I only have a few more months left of milspouse-dom, I might as well go for it.
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1. What is your favorite/most unique anniversary/birthday gift from your spouse? suggested by Bel at Being a Better Me
The favorite and most unique gift wasn't for a birthday or anniversary (we're terrible at forced gift-giving in this household), but it was one B sent to me in 2008 while he was deployed the first time and we were still dating.  It was a custom puzzle!  And the best part was that I had no idea what it looked like until I put it together.  I had a really awesome time doing this and have put it together a few more times since.

2. What’s your first thought when you see it’s snowing (or what would you say if you don’t live somewhere with snow? suggested by Poekitten from Many Waters
"Oh great, they're gonna shut everything down and cancel all my plans."  I've only lived in places that typically get less than an inch of snow a year, so everyone freaks out.

3. What’s one thing in the past month you would have changed?  suggested by Erika from Chambanachik
I wish my baby wasn't such a lazy eater!  We've been having tons of ups and downs with her weight, and it hasn't made adjusting to breastfeeding  and motherhood easy at all.  Actually, this whole month has been really stressful.  I'm going back to the hospital for yet another weight check this afternoon, which will make it 3 times this week.  I need my own reserved parking spot there!  (Seriously, I had to park in the freakin' grass the other day.)

4. What was your favorite thing that happened in February?
Honestly?  It's mostly a big haze.  I guess when we went to visit the office where I volunteer to show off Cora, and one of the ladies gave us this adorable elephant with her name and birth date and stats on the ears.
5. What are you looking forward to in March?
Just watching my little one grow (oh please gain weight!), and both of my parents are coming down next weekend so my dad can meet his newest grandkid.  I also look forward to starting working out again and maybe getting into some sort of routine.  Yeah, that would be nice.



  1. That puzzle is such an awesome idea! I am horrible at puzzles though, that would have taken me months with all that red! Haha

  2. That puzzle is such a cute idea! You've got yourself a pretty thoughtful husband :) (And a cute baby too!)