18 December 2010

the myth of a white Christmas

Why do people wish for this?  Is it just because of the song and the movie?  Whenever I think of someone wishing for snow on Christmas, I think of my sister.  My sister who has never seen snow on Christmas and probably never will.

Yes, the outlook is bleak.
Let's think about this now.  The actual start date of WINTER is the solstice, which is on December 21 this year.  That means Christmas is only FOUR days into wintertime.  Yet I start seeing those darn snowflake ornaments and Frosty figurines the week after Halloween.  In Florida.  And also in my home state of Georgia.  But everyone in the Deep South knows that "winter" is just a clever disguise for "experiencing all four seasons in the span of one week."  I'm not kidding.  It only snows about every other year (to the point of actually sticking on the ground), and it's usually not until late January or February.  Y'know, the MIDDLE of winter.  Not the beginning.

Now let's talk about Australia.  Or Brazil.  It's SUMMER there during Christmas.  I knew a gal in college who spent a large chunk of her childhood in Australia, and she told me that they still sung carols about snow and winter in December.  I find that sad.  Maybe you Aussies need to put down the lagers and vegemite and come up with your own carols?  I'm sure you can work a jolly kangaroo into it while you're at it.

As for me, I've never wished for a white Christmas.  I guess I sorta got one last year, the first year I spent Christmas away from Georgia.  I was in Michigan/Indiana with B, and yes, there was snow on the ground.  I might've taken a picture, but it just looked like slush to me.  All I remember is that I was cold.  (I'm always cold.)  It snowed a few days later while we were still there, and I built a snowman.  By myself.  After I finished my pitiful snow creation, I ran back inside and stole my husband's wool socks.

If I had to wish for a certain weather on Christmas, I'd wish for a repeat of what we enjoyed on Thanksgiving Day in Lawrenceville, Georgia.  It was sunny, about 75 all day, and the most perfect day for a stroll/picnic/game of disc golf in the park.  I would also wish for the nights to only get down to about 60 so I could wear my adorably cute teal trench coat to Midnight Mass.  (I have an issue with my winter coats: the 'formal' one doesn't keep me warm and it's too big, and the one that keeps me warm isn't very formal.  But my trench coat is just plain gorgeous, and I get compliments on it every time I leave the house.)

I don't know, maybe I'm a freak--a freak who is determined to never shovel an inch of snow in her entire life.  I bet there are a lot of homeless people out there who share my disdain for snow and cold weather, so let's not forget them this year.

All that being said, I told B that I would "seriously crap my pants" if we see any semblance of a white Christmas in Georgia this year.  And he'll have to clean it up. 

Do you dream of a white Christmas?


  1. I most certainly do not. Even when we lived in CT I don't remember but one or two Christmases that were white. This is the rainy season in CA, but I know we'll see no snow, and I couldn't be happier. It's awkward to have it be so warm, but I'm with you. I don't need snow to be happy. It's pretty to watch fall, but when it starts to stick it just becomes an inconvenience.

  2. I'm not a huge fan of snow. I grew up in New England and have had several white Christmases. It's not unusual for it to snow at the end of the fall season, so at least for northerners, hoping for a white Christmas fits. I do have an issue with some "Christmas" Carols that aren't about Christmas at all. Winter Wonderland is about winter people, not Christmas. That could be played all winter long. All that to say I half agree with you!

  3. I do. I grew up in California with the 75 degree Christmases and hated it. But I absolutely detest being hot and love being cold. This is actually my first year where I have the possibility of having snow at Christmas, and it's the one thing helping me cope with my first Christmas away from my family :)